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Realized how much it can cost to get some of the commissions I want. -__- If you guys don't mind, please help me with this so I can give back to this community!

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  • :iconxandimus:
    Donated Mar 16, 2016, 11:25:15 AM
Hello to you all once again! It's been a while since I spoke to you guys, hasn't it?

This current semester is finally undergoing its last 2 weeks. It's been pretty hectic this time around, but I'm just glad it's about to be over. It isn't all happy business, though. After I'm done with my finals, I'm planning to attend the graduation ceremony for a few of my college friends. It really sucks when you realize you're probably gonna be the last one out of your entire group to leave college...

Anyway, even though I'm currently trying to finally get a job somewhere (my first interview will be later on today, actually), I'm gonna have a LOT more time to start building up my skills again, which definitely involves drawing.

And that brings me to this: for those who asked me for a request before, I sincerely apologize for not being able to have the proper amount of time to work on them. Nevertheless, they will be done. I am dedicated to finishing them for good so I can move on to other requests/things. I thank you so much for the patience you've shown me so far.

Hope you guys have been well! And, just throwing this out there, for those reading this who are about to graduate college, congratulations! I wish you the best in your future endeavors!
Before I begin with this rant, I'd like to take the moment to thank all the people who have watched me over the past year already. There's still not much I've done yet, but I feel that will change soon enough. I would also like to give another huge thanks to all the people who have done requests and commissions for me for going along with my ideas and for trying to be mutually respectful and patient with me. Here's to hoping that I'll be able to share more of my ideas with all of you in the future.

But now, to the question at hand.

Whenever I try to ask anyone for a request, I try my hardest to be patient for it to be made. Obviously, good art can take a while to make, and it's only fair to give the requestee some leeway for other projects/obligations that may delay the completion of the request. That makes perfect sense in my head, and I have no qualms with it.

However, for some reason, I feel like I am somewhat less lenient when it comes to asking others for commissions instead. Don't get me wrong, I still try my hardest to give them the same level of patience/benefit of the doubt since a lot of things can happen (getting busy with classes, work schedule, someone getting sick/passing away, tablet or other art tools/internet not functioning are some of the reasonable delays I've experienced so far), but then I realize something:

Requests are free art. Commissions aren't. If I ask you for a commission, I'm effectively changing our stranger-to-stranger relationship to that of customer-to-service provider. I'm putting my faith in you that you'll take my money/points and be able to provide the service that I'm paying you for. It might seem a bit unnecessary, but if you're taking my money, that automatically means you want to do fair business with me, and I take that very seriously.

I'm also not saying that all commissioners are bad and try to rip you off whenever they can by just taking your money and making you wait forever to get the art you want, because there's been already a handful of cases in my personal experience where waiting for weeks or possibly even months was so worth the wait. In those same cases, there were very valid reasons for the extreme delay, such as said artist actually being pretty popular and me having to wait in their commission queue, or something as grave as losing all their files in their computer and having to start all over again. Again, as long as the reasoning is valid, I don't mind having to wait as long as I need to.

But then you have artists here and there whose reasoning isn't as valid and makes me question my choice of commissioning them. They make excuses such as "Oh, sorry! I totally forgot about it! I'll start it right now!" and still don't make any sort of progress weeks after. They can't even try to make a more valid excuse? Seriously?

Am I just being really impatient overall, despite how hard I try to be lenient? Or is there really that many number of amateur artists who just suck at time management and taking commissions seriously? I'm giving you something in return for your services to come as swiftly and greatly as you're able to manage, God and life and other circumstances willing... if you can't give me an actual excuse for your laziness or your "depression" or whatever you can come up with, then what the hell is with the holdup then? Are you TRYING to cheat me?

Am I in the wrong for feeling angry whenever this happens? What do you guys think?


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